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Fading into the dark
Hands close to my heart
See the light of day
As it slowly fades away
People dear are forever lost

Rip my heart out for its a thing I no longer need
As the envy and pain of the world begins to feed
On my soul on my emotions two things that only give me grief
As I explain what I feel all I get are looks of disbelief

If only people opened their eyes
Humanity's upbringing their own demise
Pain, Pollution, everlasting despair
Thoughs who are wise wish no longer to be here

Lend out hand lend out an ear
Why should we bother asking you don't bother to hear
The screams of pain and cries of help
All thoughs in need are just another casualty

A loss for your gain, why should you care
Your over here nothing effects you from over there
So what if people hurt, so what if people die
Humanity... is just a pitiful race full of deceit and lies

I lent out a hand
We tried to make a stand....
But was smacked back to the ground by all of you
We where born anew
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June 17, 2012
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